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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Just like the the lights on the traffic posts on every street of this town, her mind keeps changing. Nothing stays the same for too long and nothing can convince her to stop. It's constantly changing with no chance of freezing. Should she be happy, or should she be sad. Should she smile, or should she cry. Thoughts fight against each other in her mind. The stress, the chaos, the wars and all that take place in her head, make her head spin and hurt her. She suffers from both physical and mental pain.

Noise irritates her and silence crushes her. Nothing can soothe her, only cause discomfort. It's not just the voices inside her head that control the way she acts, but combined with the voices outside conversing, yelling, and whispering, that effect the voices inside. She can't take it any longer. She wants to break free, but she's too scared to. She can't decide what she wants. She wants to yell and break glass, but she's too scared she'll feel guilt and remorse. That would kill her but then again, everything would.

She loves him, but she doesn't want him near her at all. She feels she's too young, but she's scared she doesn't have long to live. She wants to live life and go out for she fears to die, but she feels that she has time for that and she should wait. Indecisive, so hard to please. Her mind kills her and is only silent when she sleeps. But even her dreams aren't always fantasies, for she cries herself in her sleep sometimes.

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