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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, baby girl.

Just six days old, I held her in my arms. Her round, yet so breakable body filled them up perfectly. Despite the cloudy memories that I can't seem to grasp at this very moment, I remember feeling an explosion of happiness run through me. Time moved on, from six days to six weeks to six months. Now, six years. Time that seemed to take forever as it went on but now too fast as I look back. Full of memories both flooded with cold wars and unforgettable loving moments. Times when she annoys me and doesn't leave me alone, and times when she wakes me up by patting me lightly and with a big smile, "good morning jie jie* Lara."

She's my most favorite person in the entire world. When people ask, who do you love? I answer, Jordan. My baby cousin, but more like a soul sister. My other half, 10 years younger than me. The only one in the world I can rely on to make me happy when I feel sad without even asking to. She's seen me at my worst moments and each time I feel upset and she's not around, I long for her presence. It's quite scary looking at how thing's have changed from when she was six days old. After I helped make her milk at night, showered her at such a young age myself, changed her diapers, fed her, burped her, singing to her... she's now feeding herself, changing herself, singing with me, and whether I want to accept it or not, she's growing up.

A pretty face, still as cute as the day she was born, with jet black hair tumbling down to her shoulders, my baby girl. She turns 6 years old today. I can't believe she's growing up so fast. I know I love her though, and I wouldn't change anything about her.

Happy birthday Jordan, have the best day ever.
You'll forever be my baby girl.

*jie jie = big sister.

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