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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life Can Get Very Confusing.

L ies and hatred fill the air
I nnocence you once thought existed
F aded away into the darkness
E verything is wrong, you were tricked

C ircles or squares, which to pick
A nother disaster is awaiting you
N one of these were expected

G ood appears out of no where
E specially through rough times
T rying to show you to keep your head held high

V iscous but gentle life can be
E ven through dark, the light can be seen
R ight from wrong, no one knows
Y ou just have to learn from your mistakes

C orrections could be wrong
O n the right track you go
N ot knowing what's ahead
F ollowing mistakes made before
U nkown awaits you
S oon you reach a dead end
I n need of saving, you cry
N ot noticing the light shining on you
G one or here, you're confused.

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