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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"It's cute."

Though he's never met her in real life, he talks to her like he's known her his whole life. She does the same, letting out every emotion that she's ever encountered and pouring everything she has into his hands. Memories, none she created with him, she now entrusted with him. No longer belonging to her, but to the both of them. They trust each other, a trust they don't deny but have no idea where it came from. Unlike anyone else she's met in her life, she feels content just by seeing his face. Through a computer screen, if that's all that is possible.

From the day they were both introduced, by a friend that they had met at different times, they spoke. They spoke whenever they could - calling each other up and listening to the sound of each other's voices. Despite the time differences and physical barrier of distance, they always made time for each other. They had the same schedule when it came to breaks, and even when he left the country he was in - to new time zone - he would still find a way to contact her. In all ways it was a forbidden love. They only shared words together. Speaking all their thoughts and any troubles they had in mind. It was pure innocence and honesty. It was something special but it couldn't progress further than that.

Living in two separate worlds, it was difficult. They talked as often as they could and eventually began exchanging the three words they both thought they'd never mean to each other, but they finally believed they did. He'd never physically seen her or touched her with his bare hands, but he'd hurt her and she'd hurt him too. Of course being teenagers, they had their own little interests in school and such. However, nothing was comparable to what they had. Yet the mentioning of other girls or boys entering their lives was harmful. Still, they allowed it but they hurt deeply inside. They were jealous, and they both knew, but they let things slide.

Now, the connection isn't as strong as it was before. They can take days off and not speak to each other. They don't do it on purpose but now they've got new time zones and more hectic schedules. But just one conversation can light up sparks and bring everything back to where they left it. Though the connection isn't as strong, no matter how dead the lines between them are (momentarily) - the connection never dies. It lives within them and up until today, she still thinks about him. And when he randomly comments on something that she says every now and then, the words he says sends her heart prancing around her body and she's the happiest person in the world.

Ever fallen in love? I haven't. Not yet at least. I've dreamt of it. But I don't think I've ever experienced it. I sometimes scare myself in thinking I never will. But what you just read, I think that's pretty close. The only thing is - if you were in that girls place, would you want to meet that boy? Or would you want to keep this as a memory and never meet in him in fear of ruining this whole fantasy you've been enjoying and loving every moment of? What would you risk? Something more or nothing less?

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